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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15 December 2015 – Written Update Episode

Gopi with Jigar and Kokila travels in car searching Ahem. She tries Ahem’s number repeatedl, but
he does not pick call.
Urmila tells Vidya that Meera is doing right. Gaura needs someone who can think like her and
counteract on her cruel ideads, Meera is doing perfect.
Hetal asks Tolu/molu to call Gopi and check if she found Ahem. Tolu says badi maa told not yet.
Madhuben thinks Ahem’s real letter spoilt her planning, she prays god to send Ahem away from
Kokila and Gopi forever.
Urmila goes to Dharam, sees him doing excercise and says he looks very young even in this age
and looks like Shravan’s brother. Dharam gets happy. She asks what is his real age. He asks to
guess. She says must be 35-36. He says that is because he eats healthy diet and work outs daily.
She says he and Meera look like Meera and Mohan/Krishna and are made for each other and
suggests him to keep Meera happy with gifts and listen to her. He asks if he should buy Meera a
necklace. She says he should get Meera’s favorite fashion designer who is in town.
Gaura wakes up and sees her hands and feet tied. She shouts who dared to tie her and to free
her. Dharam, Urmila, Meera, Vidya run towards her room. Dharam asks Urmila to open door as
she is of Gaura’s age. Urmila says Gaura will kill her. Vidya says they all should open door at once.
Dharam says this idea is good and they both door and enter. Dharam frees her and silently
leaves. Urmila says Gaura she was so drunk yesterday that her son had to tie her. Dharam wants
to get rid of her anyhow as she is interfering him and Meera.
Ahem stands near cliff and reminisces his quality time spent with Gopi. Sardarji comes and offers
him holy milk. Ahem says he does not need it. Sardarji says he should not reject god’s prasad and
can give it to his relative. Ahem says he does not have anyone. Sardarji says everyone has
problems in their lives and if they look at other’s problems, they will feel their problems are less.
He points at sikh religious gathering and says he can serve people today to lessen his pain.
Gopi while traveling in car asks Kokila who must have written fake letter. She checks mobile and
sees Ahem’s missed call. She calls back. Sardarji picks call and says whoever’s phone is this fell
jumped in water as if he wants to suicide. Phone gets disconnected. Gopi cries more and informs
Kokila. Kokila asks if she heard sound. Gopi says sikh religious recitations. Kokila says they have 3
gurdwaras nearby and they 3 should go at each place. Gopi drives car alone.

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