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Bigg Boss 9 15 December 2015 – Written Update Episode

Mandana says to Rishab that Prince is getting morning and goodnight kisses from Nora, Priya says
at night, i dont understand who is it but i keep listening the sounds, Rishab says he gets kisses on
cheeks, i love this loving duo, Mandana says fake love? he says real love, Priya says there cant be
love so soon, Mandana says people do fall in love quickly but Prince ran behind Yuvika so much
and now saying Nora and Nora, Priya says she tried on Rishab too, Rishab says i told her clearly
that i am not interested in love angle so she shifted to Prince, Priya says she is nice girl, Mandana
says she is sweet, Rishab says but she is using her beauty to play game which is not nice, he sings
Prince and Nora have pillow fight, Nora says this kid(Prince) is very excited. Mandana sees this
and says to Rishab that everyone wants to become couple in this, Priya and you are couple, i and
Gizele should become couple, Gizele says we will start lesbian couple, Rishab says to Mandana
that do one thing, why should not cut your boyfriend from your life and we will be all set, let him
get married, Mandana says no i prefer lesbian relationship, Gizele says her bf will understand too,
Rishab says then i will go single, culture doesnt allow to have relationship with Bhabhi(Priya)
Gizele says there is serial coming on Tv where Bhabhi and brother in law have affair, we can have
show on you too. Prince and Nora have pillow fight, they get tired, Prince sit on her.
inmates are sitting in lounge, Tv is switched on, Rj Malishka says to inmates that a serial killer has
entered the Bigg boss house, he is very clever and cant be recognized easily, lets see if he is able
to kill everyone or will be caught. Bigg boss says to inmates that next task is “murder mystery”,
there will be detectives, killer and common people, the detective in task, if killer or detective are
successful then there will be effect on captaincy while the people who will get killed will have
effect on their nominations, you will decided as killer, detective or common man in confession, we
will call you there, and you will have to open one box from many boxes and if you get:
white pearl then common man
blue pearl then detective
red pearl then killer.
Keith is in confession room, Bigg boss ask Keith to open one box and see what he has got, Keith
opens one box, he gets white Box, Bigg boss says you are common man and you have to be alert,
you should not be killed by killer, if you have doubt on someone then tell detective of your choice,
he gives him a instruction paper and says you will open it when we will tell you as you are captain.
Nora and Suyyash are common man too.
Rishab gets blue pearl, he is detective, Bigg boss you will be against other detective, you will be
given camera, Rishab takes it, Bigg boss says if you are successful in task then you will become
contender for next captaincy, if a person is killed then he will send to garden area and there is
specific place(coffin area) made for them there, detectives have to make sure that they dont come
out that area. there will court room scene after task where you will have to present your witnesses
and proofs against the person you doubt to be killer.
Rishab comes out and tells that he is detective, Kishwar says Jai ho Bigg boss, he used to call
himself Khalnayak and devil and got to become detective, Prince, Kishwar makes fun of him,
Kishwar says killer will never be caught.

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