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Bigg Boss 9 16 December 2015 – Written Update Episode

inmates wake up to the song aa gum hojaen, they dance to the tunes.
Rishab comes to Gizele and says i asked them(Kishwar’s group) to eat but they were so afraid that
they didnt eat even, they are just hiding in washroom area, not coming out of there, Gizele says
they all are fearful, bigg boss will teach them lesson for being moving in groups. Rishab says Priya
thinks that i am murderer, Gizele laughs and she is psycho, she thinks detective is killer.
Prince talks to Gizele and says i like Nora as she and i have same personality, i was angry when i
was rejected by most of the girls in start of show but when Nora, she said that she liked me in
show, even if she is using me for game then it will come out soon, but she is very nice to me,
Gizele says Nora said on stage before entering house that she will give love to Rishab and Prince
means it was her plan before entering, she came inside house and praised Priya so much but then
she saw that Priya has authority in house, then she saw its Kishwar who runs whole house so she
is in her good books by using you, Mandana says she tried to create angle with rishab too but he
said he is not available so she went to Prince.
Prince tells Gizele and Mandana that i am killer, i was given ways to kill inmates, i tried to kill
Mandana but she got saved then i killed Gizele, i thought i will kill Kishwar and Suyyash but they
are moving in group, they dont understand that its individual task not to play in group.
Bigg boss calls Prince, he comes in washroom, Bigg boss says your performance is upsetting, you
killed only one person, you will not get the chance to nominate one inmates for whole season, you
have to kill 3 inmates atleast to become contender for captaincy. Prince says i will try to irritate
Prince comes to Mandana and says you dont trust me, i will not allow you to make food, i will be
old prince now, he throws things in kitchen, Mandana is stunned, Prince says to Mandana that you
and Rishab are one team, i will take case of everyone, i will not leave anyone, he throws food at
Mandana in kitchen, she is shocked and starts crying, she ask Prince why he is doing all this? she
leaves, Rishab comes and ask Prince why he is throwing things? you are wasting food, Mandana
he is wasting it, Rishab says Prince you have gone mad, you have become psycho, they both get
physical, Rishab ask Prince if he has become psycho? Mandana goes to washroom, Prince ask
Rishab to go to Mandana, Prince comes in bedroom and steals Kishwar’s clothes.
Mandana comes in washroom and says to Kishwar and Suyyash that Prince has gone mad, he is
fighting with me for no reason, she cries and says go and talk to him, Priyas ask what he did?
Mandana says he threw food of everyone, he has gone mad, Priya says tell me something new.
Rishab says to Prince that you have done bad by throwing food.
Mandana leaves washroom area, Kishwar says her plan failed again, Priya says she wanted to get
reaction from us, she thinks she will say Prince is throwing food so we will fight with him.
Bigg boss announces that one more murder has happened in house, its Mandana who is killed
and she will be in coffin now till end of task.
Kishwar says to her group that Mandana didnt touch anyone, how she got killed? Priya says its
either Rishab, or Prince.
Prince says i am sorry Mandana, they all are sitting in group so i had to do this with you, i am
really sorry.
Prince says to bigg boss that my next target is Kishwar and her three clothes. he comes to
complaint box and puts three shirts of Kishwar in it.
Mandana comes to Priya and ask her to come to put her in coffin box, all run in washroom seeing
her, Priya says i dont wanna come, Mandana says to Priya that i have doubt on Prince, he kissed
Gizele on cheek and killed her, then he threw things at me and killed me, its Prince who is killer
and you have to get proofs against him.
Prince says to Bigg boss that i have put three clothes of Kishwar in complaint box. Bigg boss
announces that one more murder has happened in house, its is Kishwar who died, Kishwar says i

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