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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 December 2015 – Written Update Episode

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita reaching the ashram. Raman asks for the Baba. The
man says he is in puja, and asks them to wait. Ashok tells his informer that everyone will know
Ishita’s drama and she will admit she lied to the, she can’t bear the tortures. He ends call and says
congrats for the failure Ishita. The man asks Raman to make his wife have bath with cold water.
Raman says its already cold, is this bath necessary. The man says don’t talk between rituals, put
water on her.
Ishita sits. Raman pours water on her and gets sad doing this. The man asks Ishita to change
clothes and come for the puja. Raman takes Ishita. She changes her clothes and comes to Raman.
He asks is she fine. She says yes. He apologizes and says I m sorry to hurt you, I m doing this for
you, if I could, I would have taken all your sufferings on me. She says please, you know I won’t let
you do so. She hugs him. yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays…………….
He takes her for the puja and they sit. Iyers and Bhallas (Amma, Appa, Mihika, Mr and Mrs. Bhalla
and Sarika) come there to see Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla is he sure that this is the temple.
Mr. Bhalla says lets go inside and see. She says if anything happens to Ishita, what will I do, and
cries. Amma says don’t worry, I m sure Ishita will be fine. The man ties Ishita’s hands. Raman asks
him is this necessary. The man asks him to wait and does the rituals. Raman says she is getting
hurt. The man says this pain is not hurting your wife. He asks Ishita who is she, and leave the
body, else she has to bear much pain.
The man takes Ishita out. The families worry seeing people there. A man tells them that Agni
Pariksha is happening inside and is very tough. Ishita is taken to the hot coal. She gets shocked.
Raman worries and asks whats all this. The man says your wife has to walk on this. Raman says
her feet will burn, she won’t walk. The man says its necessary, else this ritual won’t be fulfilled.
Raman does not agree. The man says this can’t be stopped midway. She cries and thinks Ashok
wants me to break, but I won’t break, I will give this Agni pariksha, its superstitions, but I will walk
on this hot coal for my husband. The families come there and ask whats happening. Raman says
they want Ishita to walk on this hot coal. Amma and everyone cry.
The man says all this is necessary, this is only way to make your wife fine. Ishita thinks Ashok’s
informer is between them and waiting for me to break, but I won’t move back, I can’t lose, there is
no way, I have to do this to save Raman. She walks ahead. They all cry and ask her to stop. Ishita
screams standing on the hot coal and walks ahead. Everyone cry seeing her feet burnt and
bleeding, and her pain. She falls down after stepping out and cries.
They all run to Ishita and hold her. Shagun worries for Ishita and gets stomach ache. She screams
and calls hotel staff for help. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita’s feet are burnt, we should call doctor. Raman
apologizes to Ishita. Appa says there is no network. He asks Ishita to open eyes. Mrs. Bhalla scolds
the man. The man says calm down, apply this lep, thing will happen to her. Raman applies the lep
and cries.

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