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No groupings in team, players are not good enough: Azhar Mahmood

No groupings in team, players are not good enough Azhar Mahmood

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan group s knocking down some pins mentor Azhar Mahmood has released all theories about groupings in the group, saying there were no issues amongst the players amid Asia Cup and World Twenty20.

“The basic truth is that our players are sufficiently bad right now”, he said in remarks on a site.

He said he had prescribed the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to employ a games analyst with a specific end goal to get the players mentality and thinking in a positive heading.

Azhar said he had made a few focuses in a report he submitted to the PCB. One of the focuses was that the PCB needs to contract a games analyst to get the players outlook right and persuade their reasoning to be significantly more positive, Pakpassion net cited him as saying.

He said there is an excess of cynicism in the Pakistan changing area and that should be destroyed.

“The should be more self conviction amongst our cricketers and that is absent right now”.

The players need to trust more in them and that they can win from any circumstance which is inadequate with regards to nowadays, he said.

Azhar said there likewise should be more commitment and diligent work from the present yield of Pakistani cricketers as that is additionally lost.

“Another guide I have made toward the PCB is to procure a superior nature of local mentor. We require individuals who can enhance the amusement consciousness of our cricketers at local level furthermore enhance our cricketers wellness and make them more mindful of nourishment, he said.

Azhar said yet a genuine concern was that a few players are playing for themselves and not for the group.

Right now, our cricketers are not setting themselves testing objectives and stay in a safe place which is hampering their execution, he said.

Azhar said the skipper and mentor ought to be in the choice board in all configurations.

“You basically can’t have a circumstance where players are picked for a squad and the mentor or commander has nothing to do with it,” he said.

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