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Tashan e ishq…it’s complicated (episode 7)

Hiiii guyz. Thnk u for your cmmnts

Scene begins

uvi-no doubt twinkle … let me know whts the matter

T-i thnk i m nt ready to converse with u… becoz riet now i m by then where i need to pick btw u and

kunj… .and u knoe the amount i luv kunj… .i cannt live without him

U-bt shouldn’t something be said about our frndshp… will kunj get to be cheerful on seeing u pitiful as u need to brk the

frndshp to make this relationship wrk

T-i will oversee… as my bliss is joined with his satisfaction as it were…

U-gracious… bie yr… .bt recollect that i am alwayz derr for you… at whatever point u need me… simply call me

T-better believe it… i will

At that point both embrace one another and afterward twinkle left..

At night twinkle gets a msg from kunj that he is not feeling admirably… come nd meet him

Twinkle goes to meet him… he is sitting close wellspring… they talked for some time… bt she strts to go as

it is getting late… bt kunj holds her hand and said that plz donnot go… i m feeling great close you…

plz donot take off…

Twinkle – go… i m here just and holds his hand… dnnt wrry … i m alwayz here for u… .after

at some point… just them two are available in the greenery enclosure zone… everybody had left as it is getting


Kunj embraces twinkle she embraces her back… .

At that point he kisses both her eyes and afterward cheek… thn he is going to kiss on her lips bt twinkle places

her hand on this lips

Kunj evacuates her hand and asked wht happened??


K-r u terrified

T-no doubt… really i m extremely anxious

K-donot be… its your kunj just… why to be terrified

T-woh ummm

K-donot u trust me

T-better believe it ..i trust u… more than me

Kunj comes nearer to her nd gives a peck on her lips…

Twinkle grins… .nd embraces him… .

At that point they both offer a profound enthusiastic kiss… .

T-umm… i thnk i ought to do a reversal to inn… its late…

K-no doubt… come i ll drop u

At that point they both went to their individual lodging

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