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Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Sooraj conversing with Sandhya. The man captures Sandhya and pushes Sooraj
with a hit. He lifts Sandhya and flees. Sooraj holds his head and takes auto’s pic. The auto
clears out. The children tease Ved and call his mom a lowlife. Ved says my mother is not reprobate. The kid
requests that he see television, everybody is dissenting against Sandhya. Dev says my mumma is my legend and
圬ghts with the kid. The man requests that Bhabho see Ved 圬ghting. Bhabho stops Ved and inquires as to why are
you 圬ghting. Ved says the kid is saying incorrectly in regards to Sandhya. Bhabho reprimands the kid. Daisa tells
Bhabho that everybody is discussing Sandhya, she abused her energy.

Bhabho asks what did she do. The man says Sandhya shot a guiltless young lady, she acknowledged that
Arzoo is not a terrorist. Kakisa says Sandhya did huge things till now, however Arzoo has blown o堤
townhall 圬re and spared our life, Sandhya was given credit. The man says everybody is stating incorrectly
about Sandhya and offending her now. Ved says my mumma is not off-base.

Resham comes and requests that they quit embarrassing anybody, you have lauded Sandhya and I have heard individuals inquiring
kids to wind up like Sandhya, you know Sandhya, you are her neighbors, she did a considerable measure for you
everything, she did much for her nation and obligation, she did a misstep and all of you changed. She embraces Ved
furthermore, cries. She says your mumma is legend, its no slip-up to do botch, however concealing a mix-up is a
enormous mix-up, your mumma has acknowledged her error, will anybody here acknowledge their slip-up, yet
they know not out other’s mix-up. Ved cries and says we cherish Arzoo, we will appeal to God for her, she
will be 圬ne. Resham says yes, and embraces him. Resham takes a gander at Bhabho.

Sooraj goes to magistrate and says Sandhya is abducted. Official asks what and is
stunned. Sooraj says somebody is her foe, I need Sandhya back soon, who is behind this.
Magistrate says whoever it is, can’t be spared, I comprehend your stress, how could this happen.
Sooraj says I was holding up outside, a man abducted her and pushed me on ground, I attempted to get
the man, however he left, I took pic of his auto’s number. Official asks did you see that
man some time recently. Sooraj says no, he has concealed his face with material. Official says we will 圬nd
Sandhya soon.

Bhabho sits alone on the stairs. Resham goes to her. She apologizes to her and says I mistook,
I couldn’t bear Arzoo’s state and offended Sandhya a great deal, I even slapped her, yet Sandhya has give
great consequence of the terrible I did, in the event that she needed, she could act at any rate, she demonstrated contempt can’t win
scorn, till disdain closes in heart, love seed can’t develop. Bhabho says Sandhya did her obligation, however what
did she get, she is tigress, she generally did right by us, and today everybody is destroying her name,
there is no honor of all the appreciation and name she earned, one error destroyed everything. She

Chief requests that the sta堤 check all autos and follow Sandhya’s telephone. Sooraj says I have her
telephone, hustle just a bit. What will I reply at home, by what means will be my Sandhya? Commssioner says unwind,
you did great to note down the auto number, we will achieve Sandhya soon.

Bhabho says Pakistani young lady is in charge of this, that is the reason I was terrified of Pakistan’s name, I
let them know not to get anything from me from Pakistan, but rather Pakistani Arzoo came in my home and
destroyed the peace. Resham says its not in regards to Pak and India, its about good and bad, its not
Arzoo’s error that she is Pakistani, you can’t rebuff whole nation for few individuals botch, what
is this equity. Bhabho folds hands and goes.

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