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Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with everybody supplicating. Thapki’s dress’ back zip begins opening. Shraddha
grins. Bihaan sees the zip opening and covers Thapki with her dupatta. He holds her and Thapki
signs what to him. Shraddha gets stunned seeing them. Bihaan and Thapki take Prasad together
from Vasundara. Dadi grins and asks Bihaan for what valid reason did he hold Thapki like this. Suman teases
Bihaan for adoring his wife to such an extent. She requests that Sanjay take in something from Bihaan. They all go.
Thapki takes a gander at Bihaan. They have an eyelock. Bihaan takes Thapki. Vasundara supplicates. Shraddha
goes to her and says I need to let you know something, Dhruv and I have culminated our marriage.

Vasundara favors her and says see, I have said genuine, you have won, its great. She says yet
Shraddha, I lament that you are so brilliant and decent, why are you losing to Thapki, you know my
triumph is in your triumph, you buckle down from heart and after that see. Shraddha says I will win.
Thapki sees the zip part opening and covers her back with the shawl. He says sorry, I needed to hold
you along these lines. She says I comprehended, I needed to bless your heart. He leaves the room.

The senior govt o滴cer of paleontology office sends everybody and says this house is of govt
presently, we became more acquainted with there is something under this house. Diwakar asks the amount of will we get.
The man says nothing, I will indicate demonstrate that there is something under the dirt. The machine
beeps and he tells everybody that there is something here. He burrows and gets a gold symbol there.
Diwakar, Aditi and family get stunned. The man requests that they offer house to govt. Diwakar says we
can’t do this, this house is of crores. The man says in the event that you give this house to govt, you will get few
lakhs, think and let me know.

Shraddha says only this much work, to weight the grains, I will do it soon, see… .. Vasundara grins
furthermore, says this is difficult, its hardwork and intelligence test, I have blended uncommon grains in these
grains, uncommon grains have Jai Mata Di composed on it, you both need to pick that exceptional grains
furthermore, measure half kg for it, Shraddha will do this 滴rst in 60 minutes. Shraddha says its exceptionally basic.
Vasundara requests that Thapki come and they take off. Shraddha thinks how to 滴nd that grains with Jai
Mata Di kept in touch with, it will be so difficult to 滴nd it. she takes magni滴er glass and does not see. She says
perhaps portable camera will be simpler on the off chance that I zoom and see. She says there are no such grains,
Vasundara is tricking me, she will make me buckle down, then she will say this is test, I will trick you
presently, hold up. She measures half kg of grains and says I have done this in thirty minutes. She goes out and
says I finished in this test.

Vasundara says awesome, Thapki now its your turn, you have 60 minutes, go. Thapki goes. Vasundara
gets a call and advises Shradhha that she needs to go out for some work, she will return some time recently
Thapki’s one hour closes. Shraddha says oversmart Thapki, in the event that I didn’t get those unique grains,
Thapki won’t get, however her fortunes is great, if Thapki gets extraordinary grains, then, I need to make a few
reinforcement plan to win. She calls somebody. Thapki takes azgander at the grains and uses magni滴er glass. She
thinks how to 滴nd extraordinary grains from this, I don’t get it.

Thapki sees the paint kept there. She says it was not here some time recently, these are vivid paints, did Jai
Mata Di composed on grains by this paint. She sees the paint by holding it in her palm, and says this
is radium paint which just sparkles in murkiness, my uncertainty was correct, so Maa has got this painted by
this radium paint. She shuts the light and grains sparkle. Thapki picks the exceptional grains and
sees Jai Mata Di composed on it. Shraddha looks from the entryway and gets stunned seeing Thapki. She
says what did Thapki eat when she was conceived, she fathomed the enigma. She gets the call and asks the
man did he mastermind, extraordinary, come soon. She says its great I had arranged reinforcement arrangement. Thapki will
be stunned seeing it, your Jai Mata grains will be mine. She grins.

Thapki has picked about half kg of grains. Shraddha locks the entryway. Thapki hears soun d and says
what was this sound. She switches on the lights and gets stunned seeing such a large number of rats over the
grains. There are a lot of rats in the room, and they blend grains once more. She gets stunned.

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