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Manik Malhotra Its my love story (part-44)

Nandini in break went to music room rear steps and sitting tight for Manik.
Manik saw nandini going and he know where she is going still he is conversing with cabir. Manik’s heart
is crying need to keep running back of her. How he is controlling himself God knows. Manik still backpedaled
of her yet didnot meet him remained back of her adjacent to a divider and watching her.

Nandini stood frist viewing towards the path for Manik then she sat keeping her jaw on her pack,
she strolled here and there, looking towards watch took her portable and msgd Manik.
Manik read it “Iam holding up” is composed in it.

Nandini searched for answer yet didnot get any answer break time finished so with dismal face holding up
for couple of more mins she returned back to class.

Manik kicked his hand hard on divider. He is loathing himself. His hand is draining yet he is not feeling
the torment of it.

“Ek tujh ko hello bas dekh kar
Bole mujh ko hello meri nazar
Tujh ko shayad nahi hai khabar
Tujh ko jeethe hai murmur kis kadar
Jude jo tere khwaab se
Tho toote murmur neend se
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai
Saajna… .

Tu Hatho mein tho hai negligible
Hai kyon nahi lakeeron pe
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai
Sajna… ..”

Manik came to class Nandini took a gander at him yet Manik maintained a strategic distance from his eye contact
“Manik what is this your hand is dying?”
Manik took a gander at his hand all at once took a gander at him Nandini as well
“Come pal how about we go to wiped out inlet” Druv said
“Iam ￱ne it’s alright druv”
“No Manik don’t go for broke go ahead how about we move” cabir got up and demanded Manik must choose between limited options so
strolled with him.

Nandini felt awful “he got hurt and I was simply sitting tight for him it’s rediculous from now I needed to
comprehend the circumstance not just my needs” she felt it solid
At the point when Manik , cabir and druv are in wiped out cove nyionika came there seeing Manik hurt she got tensed
“Manik what happened would you say you are alright? How can it happened?”
“Ntg only an injury mother . Try not to stress Iam ￱ne”
Nyionika took a gander at Manik, his face is indicating torment his eyes are looking profoundly harmed and the injury
at the point when dressing is going on he didn’t said demonstrated u￱￱ on it.

Nyionika heart liquefied like wax tears ￱ood in her eyes unendurable and wild she embraced
Manik embraced her back tight Bruce and cabir allowed them to sit unbothered and did a reversal to class
Manik came back to class. His psyche is smashed feel like damnation he simply need to runaway
Manik is holding up to finish the classes with the goal that he can simply hop far from here. He can’t confront

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