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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Raman declining to acknowledge the recompense, saying the grant ought to go to simply
one individual, there can’t be any tie, I m used to this recompense, I have this since numerous years, so give
this to Romi who got this for the 圬rst time. Romi gets the honor and gives the credit to his
father. He says when the world was against me, my Papa bolstered me, he gave me cash to
begin business furthermore empowered me, I need to give this honor to my dad, I need to make an
declaration, I m dispatching another organization on my dad’s name. Raman leaves from that point.

Aaliya meets Niddhi and says I m Ruhaan’s new PA. Niddhi asks where is Ruhaan, you came alone.
Aaliya says he won’t come, he said he is unwell and need to be separated from everyone else, is he 圬ne, he looked upset, I
m stressed. Niddhi says its alright, adolescent and all, drop recording, and educate performers, I m
going home.

Nancy calls Niddhi and she gets stunned. She says so I was concerned for this to happen.
Ruhaan/Ruhi freezes and is wild reviewing Ishita. Niddhi returns home and asks what
happened, did she get assault once more. She gets an infusion for Ruhi. She yells Ruhi and says I abhor

show, you comprehend what will I do when I get irate, when you get this infusion, you will know.
Ruhi/Ruhaan says no infusion and tosses it. Niddhi says don’t you set out and slaps her. Nancy says
that was last infusion. Ruhi says let me go from here. Niddhi requests that Nancy hold her and ties Ruhi.
She says I won’t let my hardwork go waste. She asks how could her have been able to her state get to resemble this. Nancy
says she had toothache, she got fierce. Niddhi says she gets assault when she reviews past thing, I
m going to get infusion, care for her. Ruhi cries.

Raman and Bhallas get back home. Pihu inquires as to why did you not take grant. Shagun says Papa is drained,
try not to meddle in senior’s matter, go and change. Pihu requests that Raman say a few stories and afterward
she will rest. Raman stops Mr. Bhalla and says I have to talk. Mr. Bhalla says so you need to talk
to me. Raman points the finger at him for what happened today. Mr. Bhalla says yes, all issues came
in light of me. Raman asks him for what reason did he offer cash to Romi. Mr. Bhalla says why, he is my

child, he has right on my property, what wrong did I do by giving his offer. Raman says see the
result. Mr. Bhalla says he is autonomous, whats off-base. Raman says I would not be harmed in the event that he did
right thing, Mihir let them know what Romi is doing, he is influencing individuals to get contracts from me, he
has held hands with Romi, in the event that he succeeded right way, I would be pleased, he is not genuine and not
working genuinely. Mr. Bhalla says everybody has di堤erent approach to work, if Romi is doing incorrectly, he
will oversee.

Raman says I will demolish his business, in the event that you are glad for his prosperity, then be prepared to weep for his
disappointments as well. Mr. Bhalla says you are correct, I m dependably with you. Raman says I needn’t bother with your
bolster, you keep your hand on Romi’s head. He goes. Mr. Bhalla gets upset. He asks Mrs. Bhalla
does she think he wronged. She cries and says no, I feel everybody is correct, Romi went out 7
a long time back, and we didn’t keep terms with him, we called him pointless, he got enormous recompense, we could
not applaud him, I couldn’t embrace him, and favor him, I m so unfortunate, and see Raman, he has
turned out to be distant from everyone else and wanton after Ishita and Ruhi’s passing, he is 圬nished.

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