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Sasural Simar Ka 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Sid is crying by roli’s dead body. Simar touches her face.

Its roli’s memorial service. Roli’s maa cries and says this is most exceedingly bad discipline for me. Her father showed at least a bit of kindness
assault. He had a by pass today and roli has her memorial service. Khushi comforts her.

pandir requests that sid do the memorial service. He reviews his minutes with her. Simar takes a seat. Simar sees
roli. Roli says what is this? You guaranteed me not to cry. This is how you will send me? I have a long
venture. Simar says I am not crying, upbeat? roli’s dream leaves.

Simar reviews roli’s last minutes. Mata ji says pandit ji said roli’s last wish was that simar gives her
last memorial service. Pandit ji says a lady can’t do this. Mata ji says you better not let me know what lady
can’t do. pandit ji says on the off chance that this happens roli’s spirit will never achieve peace. Simar’s companion says where
is it composed that if spouse just gives memorial service at exactly that point lady will have peace. Roli’s maa says I
don’t recognize what is good and bad. My little girl’s last wish ought to be ful†lled. Pandit says do
whatever you need yet we can’t see this event. Mata ji takes the †re from sid and offers it to

Mata ji says I know simar what you are experiencing. In any case, you guaranteed roli. Roli’s last wish needs to
be ful†lled. Simar takes it. Simar approaches to lit the memorial service. Simar pours water on it and
says the person who slaughtered roli can’t do her burial service. Everybody is stunned. Mata ji says what are doing?
Sid says what’s going on with you? You need her to do burial service? She is in charge of roli’s demise. she is
her killer.

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