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Siya Ke Ram 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Sita listening to a child’s cry. She goes to see and strolls with her injured foot.
She sees a young man sitting behind the plants and crying. The kid sees her and turns out. He
tosses something/stone in the sky to hit the falcon and a bird of prey comes there to assault Sita. She gets
stunned. Ram comes there and shoots bolt at the enormous bird of prey. Ram asks what’s going on with you
here, you are harmed and you ought to rest. She says I heard a little kid crying and came here. Ram
asks kid? The kid embraces Sita. Sita requests that him not stress, everything will be †ne. Sita asks him not
to be perplexed, Ram won’t do anything, you are protected, we are with you, what are you doing here. He
says I stay in ashram, and I m Rishi’s understudy, the birds of prey assault us and take individuals away. He tells
how sells pick individuals and toss them in wilderness. Laxman comes and kid embraces Sita seeing him.
Ram looks on.

Urmila asks what’s going on with you. Bharat apologizes to her and says I m guilty party of Ram and Sita, and
similarly yours. I don’t have any privilege to apologize to you, you can give me any discipline, I will
acknowledge it. she says don’t say this, it was not your error. He cries and says no, its my misstep, you
have not halted Laxman from going to van with Ram and Sita, this is indication of sel†essness, you
have acknowledged division from your spouse, surrendered your bliss, you are incredible… . She
cries… . What’s more, says I offered guarantee to Laxman that I will never get to be obstacle in his Dharm palan
towards Ram, I have quite recently ful†lled my guarantee, my desire is that Laxman’s obligation ought not have any
issue, that he serves Ram and Sita immediately, in the event that I could help him in any capacity, this will be
my good fortunes. Bharat takes a gander at her and folds hands. Mandvi and Shruthkirti look on and leave with

Laxman says it is my obligation to ensure you in Ram’s nonattendance, yet I didn’t do my obligation well, I went to
make shoes for you for our excursion ahead, forget me. Sita says its †ne, Ram went ahead time and
spared me. Ram says there can be any threat here, we must be ready. He asks the kid does he
now the route to his ashram. The kid says its exceptionally far. Ram says †ne, simply demonstrate to us the way.
Laxman takes the kid on his shoulder, and they continue.

Sumanta tells Guru Vashisht that this time is intense for Ayodhya’s rajya family and Praja. Master
Vashisht, says such things can’t get to be obstacle in Rajya’s obligation, Bharat needs to acknowledge the throne
furthermore, obligation towards Ayodhya. Sumanta says yet why did Bharat not come till now. Bharat comes
there in sanyasi garments. They get stunned. Shatrughan looks on.

Master Vashisht asks him whats this Bharat, why did you wear tapas garments, you need to ful†ll obligation
as the ruler. Bharat says Gurudev, I can’t stay in Raj bhavan now, I chose to stay in a little hovel
also, lead a tapasvi life. Shatrughan asks is it true that this is choice comfortable time? He says how could you have been able to you
think Raj Guru, priests, moms, and Ayodhya’s Praja will acknowledge this choice. Bharat says I
have right to take choice identified with my life. Shatrughan says beyond any doubt, yet not right now, when
your Rajya is confronting inconvenience, Ram hs given this obligation to you, your life is will undoubtedly oversee
Ayodhya for a long time. Bharat says what did I do till now, I just obeyed everybody. He cries and says
for the †rst time, I m going to do what I wish. Sahtrughan asks did we live from our desire, you have
to ful†ll Rajya Dharm before ful†lling your own desire, Ram’s life is enormous sample of sel†essness, even
our progenitors have done this, you need to regard this custom. Bharat says convention… ., on the off chance that I sit tight
more in this Raj bhavan, I will lose my mental parity.

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