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Nagin 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The scene begins with Yamini telling Sesha (in Shivanya’s structure) that she wedded Rithik

unwillingly last time and this time she will wed with her desire, last time she was her saas and this
time she will do her kanyadaan as her mom. Rithik’s kin request that Rithik and Sesha sit in
mantap and not timid even following 6 months of marriage. They both sit in mantap. Sesha thinks why
she is feeling glad getting hitched to her sister’s spouse. Yamini supposes this marriage will break
relationship in the middle of dark and brilliant nagins. Genuine Shivanya with tribal women tosses bean stew
powder on Ankush and he yells in agony. She then surges home and is stunned to see Sesha and
Rithik’s marriage. She goes behind column and calls Sesha more than once, yet Sesha keeps taking

pheras with Rithik. Constabl comes blowing shriek and stops marriage. Angad inquires as to why is he
shrieking in constable’s garments. Constable says he is genuine constable and inquires as to whether this is Ankush’s

Raheja’s home. Angad says yes. Constable says Ankush is in police headquarters for eve teasing a young lady.
Rithik stops marriage and surges towards police headquarters. Shivanya supposes this time nagin got away.

Shivanya meets Sesha and says she will handle her later and †rst she ought to escape from here.
Yamini supposes she will break their kinship.

Raheja family achieves police headquarters and Rithik asks reviewer who whined against his dad.

Tribal women say he was eve teasing a young lady. Rithik says his dad is a regarded businessperson and
will never do anything incorrectly, inquires as to whether the young lady is here. Women say no. Rithik says by what means would they be able to affirm
blameless man on some more peculiar’s dissension. Legal counselor comes and safeguards Ankush out.

Shivanya meets Sesha and yells how could she is to attempt to wed Rithik. Sesha says she was just
going about as her and was anxiously holding up her to come, she doesn’t need Rithik or his adoration. She
irately leaves from that point.

Sangram singh faculties Mahishmati tribe coming to take up arms. A kid comes running and demands
to spare him from honey bee. Sangram tosses blade on honey bee and it passes on. Sangram Singh says mahismati
family has come to assault and just his Yuvraj can †ght with them.

Ankush with his eyes wrapped cries uproariously. Yamini chides him for coming up short in his arrangement. Ankush says
he couldn’t utilize firearm appropriately by any means. Yamini keeps reprimanding him. Rithik enters. Yamini changes
her tone and cries that nagin deceived his dad and as opposed to murdering nagin, he helped her. Rithik
says he won’t save nagin now and goes to bring medication.

Rithik goes in auto. Sangram goes ahead entryway and calls him Yuvraj, yet Rithik does not see him and
keeps driving.

Shesha in wilderness gets irate thinking how Shivanya chided and asserted her. Shivanya comes and
apologizes her and says she can vent her indignation on her, yet ought not break their frienship as
their retribution is same, their mom is same. Sesha quiets down.

Yamini thinks nagmani is in shiv mandir itself. She changes into executioner’s clothing with jacket,
mu†er, cap, and so on., and goes to shiv sanctuary and hunts nagmani. She envisions snakes wandering
around and ichadhari nagins moving. She sees gurumaa there standing foolishly and says she
was seeking here all over, supposes somebody has done dark enchantment on her and she ought to
take her from here †rst to know where nagmani is.

Gurudev conveys Yogi raj to shiv mandir and requests that he tell a course with which Sesha can †nd
nagmani. He sees master maa missing and calls Shivanya. Shivanya hears his voice and hurries to
shiv mandir.

Yamini takes Guru maa to her hole and shakes her. Master maa awakens and says nagins are extremely
capable, however she is more effective than them. Yamini asks where is nagmani. Gurumaa says
nagmani is with her sibling Sangram singh, she heard nagins talking that Sangram ran off with
nagmani. Gurudev tells Shivanya that he saw a veiled jacket wearing man taking gurumaa.
Shivanya says Rithik’s genuine father, fifth killer took gurumaa. Gurumaa blacks enchantment on

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