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Silsila Pyaar Ka 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kajal thinking abt how she will go n meet dancer, Kajal sneaks out if kitchen window,Arti in auto
on her way home,Raunak following her,Arti notices Raunak following n says bhaiya plz drive fast,
Arti gets of auto n shops for vegetable,she sees Raunaks car n says oh it’s the same car I saw that
day n sits in auto n leaves,Kajal asks security for artis address she had asked him to note down
details to him,Kajal takes an auto n leaves to 咔nd Arti.

Raunak misses artis auto due to tra啄c, Arti gets o善 auto n goes to her home,she is scared n says I
hope I never see him again,she calls a man n says doctor its Arti Verma here and I have to go out
of town n can I take ma with me,doctor says yes u can but pay the payment 咔rst n then we will
discharge her, Arti packs her clothes.

Raunak starts looking for Arti all around, burkha person at artis door, Raunak gets o善 his car n
asks kids around where does Arti stay,Kajal in auto on her way to artis house,Kajal sees Raunak n
gets o善 the auto,she hides behind n car n hear Raunak asking abt artis address to kids,Raunak
goes according to address told by kids, Kajal says I was right Raunak sir is behind Arti n she
something has to do with accident,Kajal starts following Raunak,Arti at her house packing
clothes,hears someone trying to sneak in her house n gets scared,Arti checks n sees burka person
in front of her,she gets scared n tries to close the window n in that mess sees the proses face n
says plz believe me I told no one plz leave me alone n closes the window.

Burkha person bangs the window,kajals dress get stuck n she misses Raunak ,Kajal 咔nds artis
house n rushes to it, Raunak still looking for artis house,burkha person gets in,artis tries to run
away but he doesn’t allow her,Kajal knocks the door n says Arti, burkha person closes artis
mouth,Arti bangs by a show piece, Kajal panics n starts banging door n tries to get in,Kajal opens
window n sees Arti struggling with burkha person,Makkah gets in to Dabur her, Arti hits him n
goes behind Kajal,burkha person has knife,Kajal says sir how cheap of u, how can u kill anyone,
why are u doing all this, just to have me in ur life how many lives will u destroy n I will not let u do
this n so before u kill anyone u have to kill me n I’m sure u won’t do this, u killed ur friend
Akshay,burkha person approaches both.

Burkha person abt to stab them Raunak holds his hand,raunaks hand starts bleeding, Kajal is
surprised n says sir u,Raunak says enough mamaji u killed my brother n now Kajal,Kajal says what
mamaji, Raunak says how may mistake will u do now, burkha person pushes Raunak n holds Kajal
under knife,Raunak says dare u hurt Kajal mamaji ,leave her,burkha person pushes Kajal on
Raunak n rushes away,Arti panics n says he will kill us all, he will kill me.
Kajal says calm down Arti we will not let anyone hurt u relax Arti, we are with u, Raunak gets her
water,Kajal says sir are us use it was mamaji,tell me sir, Raunak says I have to save ma, how ever
wrong she is Kajal plz don’t point on my ma, I will not let anyone harm my ma,kajal says what,
Raunak says I heard mama n ma talk abt following u to dhaba so I came in burkha to stop u bcoz
all would point my ma for Akshay death I can do anything to save my ma, let Neeti get married
then I will say I killed Akshay but ma no I will surrender, I’m sorry Kajal I know this is wrong but
this is for my ma,Kajal say Raunak sir what’s wrong with u .

Arti says u are Raunak then how are u alive n how is Akshay, Kajal says Akshay was my husband n
he died in that accident,Arti says oh no akshay wasn’t to be killed,Kajal says what are u saying, Arti
says Akshay got killed by mistake , that person plotted this accident to kill Raunak.

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