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Our love is beyond the world-“The 11th Venture of Love” Episode 12

We were drenched in the rain and we danced until we got much tired… Then Sanskar took me
inside,holding my hands… He never wanted me to stay alone… Just then, he called out for a
servant for towel… A lady came out with two towels… His phone rang and he left the room to
communicate via his mobile…. While leaving, he signalled the lady to stay with me… I said know,he
never wanted me to be alone…After he stepped out of the room, that lady came near me and
helped me wipe the wetness on my hairs…She began to speak with me…

Lady: My Dear, what’s your sweet name???
Me:My name is Swara…What’s your name Aunty???
Lady:I’m Supriya… Forget about it…I wanna tell you something Swara…
Me:Tell me Aunty…

Lady:Dear, I’m working here since Sanskar was 16 years old… He never smiled like this Swara… For
the 偼rst time, I’m seeing happiness in his eyes,that too to the fullest my dear… I don’t know what’s
seriously going on between you both, but I could clearly see that he is so happy with you and he is
very protective about you my dear…. He had never brought home a girl like you… I think you are
the 偼rst girl in his life…Stay blessed and happy you both, dear…. I think he is coming…
I stood there just blinking my eyes… That lady’s words started echoing in my head… Then Sanskar
came… He signalled her to go… She left the room… Actually, I was a bit uncomfortable because of
the silence…I started to talk…

Me: Sanskar, am I the 偼rst girl to reach your home???
Sanskar: Did Supriyaji said anything???
He caught me but I’m a way smarter than him… So I lied to him…
Me: Supriyaji, who is that???? Oh,you mean that lady… She didn’t open her mouth… She just
helped me in drying my hairs…
He came forward towards me….He again killed me with his closeness towards me…He touched
my hair strands…
Sanskar: Oh,really???

Me(with an embarrassment): Yeah…. Really!!!
Sanskar:But your hairs are not dry it seems…
He took the towel in my hands and caressed my hairs with the towel… His touch was so soft on
me… My eyes were in front of his nose,because he was taller than me…. He started looking into
my eyes,simultaneously he wiped my hairs too… I also gave the same look back to his greyish blue
eyes… He curled his lips and started saying something….

Sanskar:Yeah Ms.Journalist!!!! You are the 偼rst girl to this palace…

I breathed heavily due to his closeness!!! Not only because of his closeness,but also I feared that I
was falling for him due to his hotness quotient… He was like the dream boy of every girl…

Sanskar: Will you dance with me???
He forwarded his hands… We danced already but it was a childish kinda dance!!! Often, in front of
him, I would give a blinking expression on my face which left him confused…That time too, I gave

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