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Swaragini ( where she went) Episode 7

Every one of them achieve home. Sanky takes a gander at the wrist trinket and recollects swara and contemplates her.
Swaragini achieve home and become acquainted with that their dadaji got a minor hearattack. They ask him to
fare thee well. Dadaji lets them know not to stress.

Fortunate can’t trust the young lady was his miss state of mind otherwise known as ragini. By what means would she be able to be her. Fortunate believes is
she truly my golu.

Following day shekhar at feasting table tells swara they have given the development of their next endeavor
Swaragini lodgings to Maheshwari bunch. I sat down to chat with Mr DP Maheshwari yesterday.
Swara ; Ok Dad this implies I’m going to outline it.
Shekhar ; yes my heavenly attendant. Why not open your own particular organization After all you are my little girl.

You don’t have to work under some person.
Swara ; Yes Dad I will yet later now I have to learn such a variety of things.

Shekhar : As you wish.
Ragini comes biting there takes an apple and says bye to everybody and leave for school. Swara

additionally leaves for o†ce.

At college,Some young men teases ragini. Fortunate sees it and gets furious and is going to go and beat them
be that as it may, Ragini herself give one of them a round kick and all different young men runs. Laksh snickers seeing it.
agini turns
Clothes ; what? Why are you chuckling? Do you need a kick
Fortunate ; Awww my adorable miss disposition. I heard you got chose for singing rivalry.
Clothes ; yes and you Mr not all that cool motivate prepared to free.
Fortunate ; We will see.

Ragini is going to clear out.
Fortunate ; byee golu
Ragini ; what… what did you called me. Did you called me golu.
Fortunate ; Golu? Why might I call you golu. You are not fat or were you fat and individuals used to call

you fat.

Clothes;No I was never fat. (laksh grins)
Fortunate is going to go however he sees befuddled clothes and after that goes close to her. She goes in reverse, he
comes closer. She adheres to divider. Fortunate comes truly close and takes his mouth close to her and


Fortunate ; You were looking totally dazzling in red and yes you ventured on my shoes however I preferred it
… golu
Ragini is damnation stunned and to some degree becoming flushed
Laksh grins and goes from that point, Ragini is numb for quite a while.
(vrushi sees their closeness and is envious coz she really likes fortunate. This ragini is grabbing both
my affection and my place in singing from me. I should accomplish something).
At o†ce.

Sanskar calls swara in is lodge to talk about. Swara reach there.
Sanky ; We have another task and father gave me the obligations. We have to make a configuration of
kolkata’s greatest inn.
Swara Ok
Sanky ; don’t take it so effectively. The proprietor of the lodging is my father’s companion so we need to give our

Swara grins.
Sanky ; Don’t laugh.it’s not a little inn. It’s SWARAGINI †ve star lodging and it should be terrific.
Swara(in mind) ; He is depicting me about my father’s lodging. Be that as it may, I won’t let it know about him.
Swara ; alright. I will put forth a strong effort.
Swara is going to leave however she sees armlet on table and says
Swara; Thief… .
Sanky ; What?
Swara ; yes you were ruffian yet you are additionally a thief..why do you have to take when you
as of now have everything?
Sanky ; Shut up. What are you discussing?
Swara; That bracelet..it’s mine… .i had worn it yesterday. How could you have been able to you get it?
Sanky ; it’s yours (he suspects as much that young lady its swara… ) umm I discovered it in gathering. It was my brothers party.

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