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Dehleez 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Manohar says three siblings together, is there any devil exchange,
incorporate me at times. Jaidev says nothing father, pretty much Adarsh and Vanshika… Manohar says
yes, this ought to be the subject. He says Adarsh, I addressed CM about you and Bundelas, in the event that this
connection happens, I think it will be flawless match. Abhay says father, Adarsh was stating. Manohar
asks what. Jaidev says I was asking Adarsh does he need to wed Vanshika, to say unmistakably.
Manohar inquires as to why, is there any uncertainty. Adarsh says no father.

Manohar says I won’t feel terrible on the off chance that you don’t concur, yet there can’t be better proposition for you, on the off chance that you
need to help out your vocation, family and me, then let this connection happen, you settle with
such young lady who resemble Suhasini, Vanshika is such, else you can choose. Adarsh stops him and says its
dislike that I don’t concur with you, I m beyond any doubt whatever you choose will be for my great, I absolutely trust
you father. Manohar asks will you wed Vanshika. Adarsh says ofcourse father, I will do as you say,
there can’t be any decent young lady than Vanshiak for me, infact I was going to tell Jaidev and Abhay that
Vanshika is ideal for me. Jaidev and Abhay look on. Manohar expresses profound gratitude, and sorry young men, convey
on. He goes. Jaidev asks Adarsh did he truly wish to say this. Adarsh says yes, Vanshika and I are
consummate together, its Abhay’s misstep, he manages culprits and questions dependably, father said right,
Vanshika and I are immaculate, afterall we are school companions, I overlooked I need to meet Vanshika. He
clears out.

Manohar advises Suhasini that I addressed Adarsh, why did you send me to talk. She says I know he
likes Vanshika, I likewise know he regards you a considerable measure and sent you, now and again its great when father
converses with kids. He grins. Adarsh goes out and reviews Manohar’s words. Dil yaad majboor… ..
plays… … . He takes a gander at the sanctuary. He cries and wishes Lord to demonstrate to him the way and if his
choice is correct or not. He goes to the sanctuary and begs. Swadheenta is additionally there supplicating. She
appeals to God for Asad, she gets tensed seeing Asad who has fell exceptionally feeble, please bring him out of this.
Adarsh turns and they both see each other.

They take aarti together. She says you here in sanctuary, I had numerous motivations to come here, cases
also, numerous things, yet you here. He says even I have a reason today, enormous. She stops him and
says Adarsh, I will inquire as to whether you don’t ask, will you have coee. He grins. She says come.

They go for coee. She inquires as to why is he quiet. He says in the event that I talk more, you have issue, in the event that I remain
quiet, despite everything you have issue. She says no, yet your dumb talk. He says I m not saying anything.

She gets some information about himself. He says I m stuck between my senior sibling’s development and
more youthful sibling’s devilishness, I m anticipated that would adjust everything. She tells about her and Asad, she
cherishes Asad. He says atleast Asad has love in his heart, what happened on rose day, did Radhika
can’t, I met her in school, she is charming. She says she is getting drawn in to another person.

He says I saw their great science, however science can’t guarantee love between them, isn’t that so? She says
right. He expresses profound gratitude for coee, and calls server. She says its alright, you look changed. He says say
straight, that I m not 獽irting, are you cheerful or dismal about it. She says I m upbeat, on the off chance that you don’t do that
idiocy, you are not a terrible person. She advances hand and says companions. He shakes hands. Kismet ko
hai ye manzur… .. plays… … They go out. She leaves on her scooty. He looks on tragically and waves
her bye.

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