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Saath Nibana Saathiya- Rashi is Alive- FF Part 2

In the Modi Mansion, Gopi is in the kitchen with Kokila. Gopi appears to be tensed and Kokila takes note. ”

What isn’t right Gopi Bahu. Since the time that yesterday, you appear to be concerned. Psyche is at the forefront of your thoughts.”

” I don’t have any acquaintance with myself maa ji. We are all together and cheerful. Yet at the same time I feel something isn’t right.”

” It is only your creative energy. Simply attempt to stay quiet.”

Gopi concurs and afterward leaves the kitchen. Junior Rashi approaches her. ” Maa, who was Rashi


” Rashi, my beautiful late sister that we named you after, was a splendid lady. She resulted in these present circumstances

house alongside me. Be that as it may, we were so di×erent. I searched for a decent family, whilst she searched for

riches. In any case, after some time we turned out to be close and we both cooperated to ensure this family.

Rashi sacriòced her life to spare me-Rashi had demonstrated her adoration for her sister. I am pleased with having

a sister like my Rashi.” Gopi cries, recalling the time when Rashi was killed.

” Was she truly that great?”

” She was a blessed messenger. I truly miss her and I wish she was here.”

Ahem touches base at the entryway, interfering with the discussion. Rashi races to Ahem. ” Papa!”

” How is my girl. Today I have brought my princess a doll.

” Wow! Extremely decent doll.” Ahem takes out a sari.

” Gopi, here is a red sari for you.”

” For what glad occassion. Ahem ji you just give me sentimental endowments on exceptional occassions. I never

see you so glad?”

” Gopi I have an imperative business bargain in London. A uber organization called Khanna

Industires has chosen to make this arrangement.”

” That’s so great!” Gopi embraces Ahem, Rashi begins chuckling. Gopi moves away in embarassment.

” I have to tell mother. Mother!” Kokila comes.

” Why is my dikra so upbeat today?” Kokila grins.

” Mom, I have a major business bargain in London. Me and Gopi need to go there today.”

” Kahna ji ka lakh shukr hai. This is brilliant news. We should host a little gathering.”

” Yes maa ji let me call Meera and Vidya as well.”

The gathering Meera and Vidya arrive. Gopi goes and welcomes her little girls. Both girl touch

Gopi’s feet, Gopi gives them favors. ” Both you generally stay glad. Do you know you generally

help me to remember how me and Rashi were. Both of you generally stick together.” Vidya and Meera embrace their


Meera says,” Maa, obviously me and Vidya will stick together. She is my younger sibling. Over the past

year, I hurt my Vidya to such an extent. Be that as it may, not presently. Presently I will secure her regardless. ”

Vidya says, ” I am happy I have my sister back. A couple days back, I thought I would lose my sister.

On account of Kahna Ji, Meera is protected and sound and that Gaura witch has Ònally gone.”

Kokila calls from the corridor, ” Can you three stop your rona dona and grin. There is a gathering here.”

Kokila snickers, so does Gopi, Meera and Vidya.

The trio join the social affair. Ahem and Gopi cut the cake. Parag and Jigar’s father both embrace Ahem,

saluting him (no unique dialogs not surprisingly) Hetal then offers gifts to both Ahem and


” May God dependably keep us glad. Gopi, particularly you, I much obliged. You have secured this family

following the time when you have ventured in this house. We are all cheerful after so long.” Pari gets envious after

listening to this.
” Congratulations Gopi ben.” Pari contemplates internally that why does Gopi dependably get every one of the gestures of recognition
what’s more, she doesn’t. Pari contemplates internally that soon Gopi might be demolished as well.
Gopi leaves the social affair and to Rashi’s recently patched representation. ” Rashi just in the event that you were
here. See, our entire family is cheerful. Just you are not here.” Gopi cries. Urmilla comes over.

” Even I miss my little girl till this day. Regardless I consider Rashi throughout the day.” Urmilla embraces Gopi. ” But I
still have one little girl cleared out.” Both cry together, recollecting Rashi.

After the gathering, Gopi and Ahem come down to the lobby with their bags and go to the autos.

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