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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Sangram’s companions requesting more in the gathering. Sangram says its my
sister’s marriage and we won’t do anything incorrectly in Naksh’s lone wolf’s gathering. Dada ji tells Akshara
furthermore, everybody about kuldevi custom to light diyas so that the young lady’s life is prosperous. Baisa enjoys the
custom. Tara says Naksh is celebrating there and I m imploring here with diyas close by for Naksh and my
great life. Akshara asks is everything 癪ne. Tara says yes.

Sanju tells everybody that they will appreciate a considerable measure today yet they will test Naksh in the event that he will get to be
flawless spouse or not, in what manner will he persuade his wife when she gets irritated. She asks Naksh is
he prepared for test. Naksh asks what will you make me do. Anshu says Tara will dependably make you
manikin. Sanju says lets call Tara here. Sangram comes as Tara. Naksh snickers. Sangram whines
about Naksh. Naksh says so sad, I will do what you say. Sangram asks beyond any doubt, you will do all work
at home. Naksh concurs. Sangram requests that him not inconvenience Tara. Yash says you are Tara now, not
Sangram. Sangram says I overlooked sad. He asks Naksh will he see whatever other young lady after marriage.

Naksh says no, I m clean rocked the bowling alley, I cherish you. Sangram says Naksh is prepared for marriage. Everybody
ask at the sanctuary. Akshara applies kajal in Tara’s eyes and favors Tara. Dada ji requests that Tara keep
inlaws’ appreciation. Akshara applies kajal to herself as well. Rajshri asks what’s going on with she. Akshara says
indeed, even we need to regard new relations, I need to acknowledge Tara, I need to attempt my best and I need to
guarantee Dada ji that there can be little di†erent in talk and sentiments, however not any di†erence in
heart. They all grin.

Sanju says this gathering is getting exhausting, do anything Naksh. Naksh says don’t stress, I m here, play
some music. They all move on Kar gayi chull… ..melody.

Sanju hits the dance floor with Vikram and Yash takes a gander at her. Tara calls Naksh and Yash sees the call. He tells
Naksh. Naksh says I will converse with her later. Tara calls once more. Sanju answers call and requests that Tara clear out
Naksh alone today, he will be after you tomorrow. She giggles. Tara closes call and gets irate.

Naksh asks what happened Sanju. Sanju says I came to have icy beverage, it was Tara’s move, converse with
her. Naksh says I will talk later, come we will move. They all move.

Sangram sees the town folks drinking and joining the gathering. They all quit moving. Bhabhimaa
says after numerous years, we cheer to sit under open sky and have tea. Akshara converses with Tara and
says I know you are missing Naksh. Naksh and Sangram request that the men leave and they contend.

Akshara says I comprehend everything, when we kept hen party, Naitik was concerned, yet I
ensure about my child, he cherishes you a considerable measure. Tara says yes, yet why did he not answer my call, if
gathering is legitimate, why wouldn’t i be able to go there. He says he will dependably be with you, else I will pull his ears.

Sangram says its family party. Naksh says we guaranteed family that we will party calmly. The
man says we have called Shanti. An artist comes there. Sangram asks whats this, are you distraught.
The man requests that they see her jalwa. Naksh says I m going, all of you accompany me. Sangram says
yes, come. The man stops them and requests that they play melody. Shanti moves on a thing tune Delhi
ka surma lagake… … Naksh tries to clear out.

The man educates Dada ji to stop Naksh and everybody, somebody is occurring there in visitor
house, stop them else your name will get ruined. Akshara says what’s going on with Naksh, I let him know not
to do anything. Dada ji says we will go and see. They go to see. Dada ji says it won’t be Naksh’s
botch, I think Sangram did this. Naksh stresses seeing seniors coming there. Naksh asks Sanju to
take this Shanti, and hustle just a bit. Sanju requests that Sahnti come. Shanti moves and falls over Naksh.
Akshara and Dada ji come there and get stunned seeing Naksh with the artist, fallen on the
ground. Akshara gets furious and yells. Naksh gets stunned seeing her. Dada ji asks whats
occurrence, is this your gathering, young lady, wine and this disturbance, that is the reason I said no for this. Akshara
requests that Naksh say.

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