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Giant python found on Malaysian building site

Giant python found on Malaysian building site

KUALA LUMPUR: A quarter-tonne snake that was found nestling on a building site could be the longest ever captured in Malaysia, officials said Tuesday.

The reticulated python was an astounding 7.5 meters (25 feet) long and measured an amazing 250 kilograms (550 pounds).

The goliath animal was found on Penang island by development laborers and kept in an office, where it was bolstered and watered while untamed life specialists were reached.

Be that as it may, the python passed on Sunday in the wake of laying an egg, a representative for the common guard division told AFP.

“We are so pitiful this happened,” he said. “We have saved numerous different snakes and creatures some time recently. We’re not certain why the snake kicked the bucket.

“We nourished it mice, different meats and gave (it) water, much the same as we gave different snakes before.”

Inquisitive local people rushed to the workplace throughout the weekend to get a look at the compelling reptile, with one individual offering 10,000 ringgit ($1,300) for it, The Star daily paper gave an account of its site.

The common guard representative said the snake was surely one of the longest found in Malaysia.

The longest snake in bondage — likewise a reticulated python — is a 7.67 meter example called Medusa, which lives in the United States, as per the site of Guinness World Records.

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