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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins Kanak asking for Raja and his mum not to go from here. Dasharath moreover
apologizes to Raja. Raja’s mum tells that they were offended in the house and have bear enough
as a result of Shalu. Kanak tells Dhaani that Damad is a symbol of God and you have offended our
God. She requests that Dhaani twist her head infront of Raja and apologizes with collapsed hands. Dhaani
cries. Kanak says no one will say anything now and requests that Dhaani come. Dhaani reviews Raja
tormenting her when she was hitched to his sibling. She is going to overlap her hands. Viplav stops
Dhaani and says Kanak that dhaani won’t apologize to anybody, as she has not done any misstep.

Dhaani supposes she can’t let Shalu’s life to be destroyed. She overlap her hands and apologizes to them
for her misstep and requests that them not go out. Raja says I won’t acknowledge the recreations which you
are playing with me. He says I won’t bear my oversights again and says I trust you have
comprehended what I need you to get it. Dasharath requests that they go to their rooms. Viplav is in
is room and irate.

Dhaani comes to room and says Viplav. Viplav inquires as to why did you bowed down and apologize to Raja.

Dhaani requests that he hear her once. Viplav says I didn’t care for your conduct, and says I will murder him. He
says Raja was acting to be blameless. Dhaani says he is exceptionally sharp and is dependably a path in front of
them. Viplav stresses that Raja and Shalu are in the room, and thinks on the off chance that he does anything incorrectly.
Dhaani says I can’t let him to go as Shalu would have run with him. Presently we can watch out for him.

Raja hears them and ponders Dhaani’s words. Dhaani tells Viplav that Shalu won’t let Raja
get nearer as a result of the uncertainty. Raja gets considering. Dhaani requests that Viplav turn out and brighten up.

Raja and Shalu are sitting in the auto as of now. Viplav and Dhaani sit in auto. Shalu says our inclination is
likewise o㹶楤, that is the reason we thought to go out. Raja tells Dhaani that our connection is not going smooth
since few days and requests that her begin anew. He calls her Suman… .and says his bhai named her
Suman with so much love. They go to the dessert shop. Raja orders frozen yogurts. He brings
vanilla dessert for Dhaani. Dhaani says I felt great seeing you dealing with Shalu. Viplav tells
Dhaani on the off chance that she might want to eat Pan. Dhaani says no. Raja inquires as to why are you compelling her and says
Suman Bhabhi/Dhaani don’t eat Pan. Viplav goes furiously. Dhaani tails him.

Dasharath tells Kanak that they will have sustenance after children come. Simply then Viplav, Dhaani, Raja and
Shalu get back home. Viplav goes straight to his room. Dasharath asks Raja what was the deal? Raja
advises he was attempting to make connection with Viplav, however… .

Dhaani comes to kitchen. Kanak inquires as to why did you come to kitchen..and says I let you know commonly
not to enter. Dhaani says when I made nourishment for maha bhog, you didn’t have any protest. She
says I have break even with perfectly fine have in this kitchen. Viplav hears her and takes her to corridor. He inquires
her not to offer answer to Kanak in the event that she tells anything. He says when I am not glad, in what capacity would I be able to keep
you upbeat. Dhaani goes cryingly. Viplav tails her and locks the entryway. Kanak tries to hear them.
Viplav wipes her tears and says our arrangement is working. They embrace each other.

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