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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Shraddha blending manures in the dirt. She says now all the wheat will
develop, yet I don’t trust Lord, as Lord is favoring Thapki more, you can develop the one wheat she has
sown, on the off chance that you do this, you don’t realize what I will do with Thapki. She gets a hatchet and cuts the
wooden leg of the sanctuary stage. The stage gets misbalanced and Shraddha holds it. She says
at the point when Thapki does puja, the stage will fall on her, which will make this trishul hit her, now its in
Mata Rani’s hand, if Thapki wins, she will lose her life and can’t win once more.

Diwakar gets furious and says I won’t offer this house in couple of lakhs, I need crore of rs, if govt won’t
give me cash, I will le case on govt. Mishra says attempt to comprehend, you are making issue.

Bihaan prevents Thapki from keeping the garments and orchestrates it himself. She reviews his words
seeing the shirt with train print. She saks why not wear this shirt now, wear it, I won’t feel
terrible. He tosses that shirt and blazes it. She gets stunned and asks what did you do. He pulls her
far from the re and holds her hand firmly. She asks what happened, let me blow oᴌ㤘 this re.

He says this re can’t be blown oᴌ㤘, I helped you in morning, don’t think everything got ne
between us, I would have done same to spare any young lady’s admiration, I respected you my adored one, so I
called you Chuk Gaadi, now I despise you, I will never call you Chu Chuk Gaadi, you are just
Thapki for me. She cries.

Dhruv comes to room and sees the excellent embellishments. Shraddha comes and close the entryway.
He asks whats this Shraddha. She makes him calm. She plays music and draws near to him. She
keeps his hand on her waist and makes him hit the dance floor with her. Ye raat rukjaye… .plays… … .. She
opens his shirt catch and sits in his lap. He moves her away. He stops the music and asks what is
this, what might you get doing this. She says I will get you, your adoration, I need our tyke, which will
dene our adoration, I need to wind up mother. He says hold up a min, I let you know sorry for yesterday,
whatever happened between us isn’t right. She gets stunned.

She asks what wasn’t right, might I overlook what happened between us, for what number of things will you
say sorry, for wedding me as well? You requested time, whatever you did is correct, shouldn’t something be said about me, who
made this connection my wife, why Dhruv. She says I m sorry, say reality, did you not get connected
to me, did I not make wherever in your heart, am I like furniture kept in this room, in the event that I get
pregnant, you will say you did botch and would request that I overlook, you don’t esteem our connection, I
m biting the dust each minute, will you kill my infant like this. She cries.

He gets stunned and leaves from the room. She requests that he listen and cries… .. Its morning,
Vsundara sees Shraddha’s sown wheat did not develop and Thapki’s single seed wheat has developed.
Vasundara says Thapki, even this time you have won, you have won in every one of the tests Thapki, there is
no test left at this point. Shraddha says mummy ji, what are you saying, you didn’t say this is last test.

Vasundara says I advised that I don’t have to say in regards to tests, I have tried you both for all great
qualities, and she has tried more 5 qualities in this last test, sel䷡েessness, dedication, quickness,
hardwork and conviction, Thapki has substantiated herself and finished this test

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