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Kaala Teeka 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Gauri says did you like Aryan? In the event that you like him we will get hitched together, and will move in
today’s capacity.

Sangeet begins. Gauri comes to yug and says hello. He says looking pleasant. She says thank. He gives her
a blessing and says pishima sent it for you.

Neel gives sharmila a rose,she needs to take it on the grounds that leela is there. Later she junks it.

Gauri says have your polished? Also, today I have an astonishment for you. He says what? He turns back
what’s more, sees kali in shaded garments.

Gauri says new couple kali and aryan. Yug is bewildered. Gauri presents them. Gauri says this is
today’s amazement. Kali’s moving accomplice. They look so great together. Kali says I need to see
courses of action. Gauri says she is so modest. Yug says they are simply moving accomplices right? Gauri says
no they are getting hitched, father picked aryan for kali. He drops the glass.

The move begins. Yug moves on ‘na chahun bangla gari’. Gauri moves on ‘jhot bolay’. Neel moves
on ‘dil walay’. Yug goes along with him as well.

Gauri goes along with them too on ‘tera yahan koi nahi’. Aryan comes down the stairs on ‘bachna yes haseeno’.

Neel goes along with him. Sharmila moves on ‘ap yaha yes kis liye’. Prohit ji comes and goes along with them on ‘fundamental
nikla gadi ly k’.

Kali is standing. Gauri sings ‘chup khary ho’. She moves her, Kali falls on Yug.

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