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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12 April 2016 video Watch Online

Meera is brought out of police headquarters by police to present her before judge. Ahem and
Jigar meet her and inquire as to whether she is 㼍죝ne. Meera gestures yes. Ahem sees her face swollen and asks who hit
her. Reviewer drags her into van and clears out.

Gaura addresses her legal advisor and requests him not to give Meera a chance to get a safeguard. She snickers that she took
revenge from Meera. Naiya comes and advises her that Vidya may not give her kid. Gaura says she
will need to at any expense. Kokila and Gopi enter. Gaura yell why did they come here.

Sona gets ready masala milk and chaat for Vidya. Urmila and Kinjal enter and ask what is it. Sona
says it is Sona’s reality renowned chaat. Kinjal tastes and says it resemble road merchant’s 5 rs chaat.
Urmila likewise remarks. Sona stands up to and affronts them. They both begin contention. Sona says it is
her in-laws house and according to hindu ceremonies, a lady escapes her in-laws house strictly when he
dislike Kinjal who is staying in her mom’s home. They both smoke. Sona leaves smiling.

Pari enters and inquires as to whether they saw Sona’s haughtiness. Urmila says she will 㼍죝nish Sona’s section while
Kokila and Gopi are occupied with Meera’s issues.

Gaura yells at Kokila and Gopi how could they are to go into her home. Kokila says they came to
converse with her gently. Gaura begins affirming Meera as characterless and killing Dharam
intentionally and drawing Dharam with her magnificence some time recently. Gopi yells that Dharam adored Meera
more than self and on the off chance that he hears that, he won’t stay silent. Gaura yells she needs Meera to be
hanged. Gopi says what will Dharam feel on the off chance that he hears this, she ought to call Dharam at this moment. Gaura
gets tensed and says her child is dead. Gopi says he is alive and requests that her dial his number. Gaura
goes about as falling oblivious and noiselessly thinks about oor. Shravan and Durga surge towards her and
she is consumed to her space. Doc checks her.

Urmila and Kinjal go on bike wearing jacket and cap to meet contract executioner. Executioner comes
on another bicycle. Kinjal gives him envelope with Sona’s pic. A touch of jokergiri follows.

Gopi gets a call from Dharam that their attorney told Meera may not get safeguard. She illuminates Kokila.

Kokila addresses Dharam over telephone and says they are coming there right at this point.

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