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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12 April 2016 Video Watch Online

The Episode begins with Ishita imparting her distress to Mani. She requests that he have nourishment and goes.
He says I ought to give some an opportunity to Ishu, her life is still stuck by then. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman
what happened to his hand. He converses with Pihu about her appear. She begins saying. Shagun says she
will miss her school transport on the off chance that she keeps saying in regards to appear. Pihu requests Shagun’s wedding
collection. Shagun inquires as to why. Pihu says I need to show it to my companion, then she will make certain you and
Daddy are hitched, why did you not demonstrate me collection till now. Shagun says I addressed essential, did
your companion saying anything.

Pihu demands and says I need to see your garments and adornments. Mrs. Bhalla requests that Shagun get old
collection, Raman looks so youthful in it. Pihu sees the collection and says Shagun looks so lovely. She sees
her pic in it. Adi thinks its Ruhi’s pic. Pihu says year is di†erent, I was conceived 7 ears prior. Adi says its
me in pic, camera date settings wasn’t right. Pihu asks Raman is that me. Raman says I think your
school transport came. Shagun sends Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla supposes they oversaw Pihu today, what will
happen when Pihu knows Raman and Shagun are not wedded.

Mani requests whom did Ishita make so much south Indian nourishment. She says I m celebrating as you
are on your feet once more. He expresses gratitude toward her and sits to eat. He loves the sustenance. She requests that he adulate her,
what’s more, what will she get. Aaliya comes and looks on. Mani says I will kiss culinary specialist’s hand and holds
Ishita’s hand. She says Mani and takes her hand away. She says you joke a considerable measure and grins. She inquires
him to have sustenance and clears out. Aaliya says so Amma did not pay regard to your dialog. He says she
felt it clumsy. She requests that he break this divider, they both are separated from everyone else. He says you don’t
get it. She says don’t be washout, lets arrangement something, go through the day with Amma, then light
light supper, express your emotions, don’t be frightened, guarantee me you will admit sentiments. He says I
try not to think she will concur. She says no, guarantee me. He says †ne, I guarantee. She says leave all
courses of action on me. He expresses gratitude toward her and requests that her have sustenance. She says yes, I m hungry and sits
to have nourishment. He supposes he is taking companionship ahead, yet in the event that Ishita denies and this a†ects
fellowship then… I need to attempt.

Raman leaves †at and gets dark paint on his shirt by error of the man. Raman chides
him. Amma comes and contends with Raman. She says I took authorization from society, I needn’t bother with
to ask you. He tells about Mihika expressing with Romi without marriage. She says I know my
girl Mihika, and even Ishita, you are indicating on Mihika now, shouldn’t something be said about Shagun sitting tight
here in this house without wedding you. Mrs. Bhalla hears them and comes to contend with Amma.

Raman mumbles why do they don’t leave society. Mrs. Bhalla supposes I was worried about the possibility that that there will be

questions on Shagun and Raman’s marriage.

Raman gets irate on Shagun, while she tries to offer assistance. He says everybody has propensity to meddle in
other’s life. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Shagun and says Amma ruined Raman’s mind-set.
Aaliya makes supper game plans on calls. Ruhaan hears her. He asks whats happening Aaliya,
you are available to come back to work since you came here.

Aaliya says I m truly upbeat, my Appa is going to propose my Amma today, so planning for that.
Ruhaan asks what do you mean. Aaliya says they are not wedded yet, I m beyond any doubt she will say yes.

Nancy gets pharmaceuticals. Ruhaan responds furiously. He requests that Aaliya go home and get ready enrichments.
Aaliya says sorry and takes off.

Ruhaan/Ruhi says individuals are gazing new life, its so natural for them, whats why they are step
folks, I despise Ishita, I m not identified with you and Raman. Ruhaan cries. Yeh hai
mohabbatein… … ..plays… …

Amma apologizes to Shagun and says I ought to have not said wrong in regards to you, Raman was stating
awful and it was important to answer him. Shagun says its alright, I know. Amma says you resemble my
Ishu, there are no terrible affections for you, I m perceiving the amount you are sacri†cing for Pihu and this
family, wouldn’t you say you ought to get regard. Shagun says I m doing this for Ishita, even she did
not request anything. Amma says you are staying with Raman for Pihu, do you think this fake

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