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Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th June 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with gorilla throwing gas cylinder and holding Thapki. Bihaan aims gun at
Gorilla. Bau ji and Sanjay tell Bihaan not to shoot, as cylinder can catch †re. Sanjay stops Bihaan,
and the gun falls down. Gorilla gets the gun. They all get shocked. They all ask Thapki to get away
from gorilla and shout. Gorilla gets angry. The zoo authority o†cers come there. She asks them to
be quiet, they are troubling gorilla more. She calms down the gorilla and says no one will do
anything. She asks them to lower their guns. She signs them to throw the injections. Gorilla sees
those injections. Thapki takes the injection.
Gorilla also takes one injection and imitates her. She pretends and injects herself. They all get
shocked. Gorilla injects the other one to himself. Thapki gets dizzy. Bihaan worries for her. Thapki
and the gorilla fall down. She faints. Gorilla sees her. Bihaan rushes to Thapki and takes her, while
the o†cers take the gorilla in the net. Gorilla leaves her hand and goes. Thapki wakes up and says
I was acting to inject the medicine, I knew he will imitate me, so he did.
Sinha talks to his boss and gives him betel leaves. His boss says we have come for lunch here, so
no o†ce talk. Vasundara gets laddoos. Sinha says we all know you like laddoos. Boss says today
you will impress me. He likes laddoos. Shraddha says its homemade. Boss says this maid made it.
Sinha and Shraddha get shocked. Boss asks Vasundara to work in his house, if she leaves job
here. Shraddha says no, she is not my….. Boss says you are scared as if I m kidnapping your maid.
Vasundara gets sad and goes. Shraddha apologizes to her, and says my dad’s boss was not letting
me tell anything, don’t feel sad. Boss’ wife and kids come there. The lady asks Shraddha to tell her
maid to entertain the kids. The lady goes. Vasundara asks Shraddha to go and tell them that she is
his mum in law, they can’t treat me like this. Shraddha thinks how can I have fun then. She says
yes, I will tell them, my dad will lose job, its †ne, you should not become maid, I will tell them
truth. Vasundara stops her. Shraddha smiles.
Bau ji sees family pic. Suman and Preeti ask about Vasundara’s fav painting. They see the family
pic and says Vasundara’s belongings is removed. Sanjay asks who did this. Thapki tells everyone
that I did this, when Maa is not here, her memories will also be not here, Maa can’t be forgiven,
she should be punished. Bihaan winks to her. He scolds Thapki and asks her why is she taking
decisions, this family is nothing without Maa. Thapki says this family is without Maa and happy
now. He says do anything, I m not with you in this work.
Preeti and Suman say we are with Thapki. Ashwin says Bihaan is scolding Thapki. Bihaan says
†ghting is happening in our house. Dhruv says you started the †ght with Thapki, who are you to
say this. Bihaan says I m also Maa’s son. They all †ght. Dadi thinks this house become a battle
ground after Vasundara left. She stops all of them and holds her head. Bau ji asks them to sit and
have food. Bihaan smiles.
Vasundara wears the joker nose and hair. She recalls how she made Thapki entertain the kids
once and cries. She goes out, and kids get glad seeing her. They play with her. Shraddha smiles.
The lady praises the maid. Vasundara cries.
Thapki asks everyone to sit, she has to say something. Bihaan asks is there anything to say now.
Thapki says I removed Maa’s belongings, if we have to make her away from house, we have to
make her leave from our heart, we will write a good and bad thing about Maa. Dhruv says this is
not needed. Bihaan says I m not interested and goes. Thapki tells Bau ji that they have to do this
to make a new start and forget Maa. She gives chits to all of them.
Shraddha thanks Vasundara. Vasundara says I m tired, will you make a cup of tea for me.
Shraddha says sure. Vasundara goes to freshen up. Shraddha says she is making me make tea
here. She gets some milk from fridge and adds paan’s chuna in the tea instead of milk

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