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Besharam Episode 10 ARY Digital 12 July 2016 Full Drama

Watch Besharam Episode 10 ARY Digital 12th July 2016 Full Drama


Besharam – Exclusive ARY Digital Drama

Mashal is a supermodel, she needs more certainty, and significantly more certainty for the general population who despise her calling since she cherishes who she is!

Haider is a chosen official for the country.He needs more strength to execute the certainty of the individuals who are wrecking the general public by calling themselves the good examples of this country!He regards individuals who abhor him as a stepladder to push ahead with his calling!

Also, he adores his nation; and he can do anything for it. Regardless of what sort of penance the general public requests! He is prepared for it! In any case, consider the possibility that substantiating themselves right obliges them to wed each other?Would a supermodel like her will ever bargain on her calling.

On the other hand would a social laborer like him will ever permit his significant other to offer her excellence?

What can make their living easy?
HATE? Or May be LOVE!

Director: Farooq Rind

Writer: Sarwat Nazeer


Zahid Ahmed as Haider
Saba Qamar as Mashal
Shahista Jabeen
Sundas Tariq
Sofia Khan
Malik Raza
Ghana Ali
Faisal Rehman and others.

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