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Kasam 14 July 2016 Episode 94

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Rishi anticipate the rainstorm and contemplates †nding some approach to cover up for some time. He †nds a put close-by and holds Tannu there. There was a sanctuary inside, he calls on the off chance that somebody was there, at that point swings to see Tannu lying oblivious. Pavan yells that Tannu can’t flee, Ahna says he said a considerable measure to her, Tanvi even had fled. Saloni quieted Ahna down not to point the finger at her Pavan. Ahna requests what’s her Pavan? Bani chides Ahna as Pavan is their child in law to be. Savitri request Raaj where is Tanvi, as he called himself as her girl. Pavan’s dad charges Ahna to need to wed Pavan. Ahna snickers that no young lady in the world would need to wed this Pavan. Bani asks her about Tannu. Rano equests that they leave what’s more, search for her, she should be in her room. Everybody scatter. Rano questions Ahna about Tanvi, Ahna asks why npreet is quiet and doesn’t illuminate everybody. Rano sends Manpreet and UV to search for Tannu. The sanctuary woman goes to the sanctuary ostrating. Bani returns declaring Tanvi is no place. They were every one of the tensed. Guljeet comes to advise that Rishi is likewise not in his room. Manpreet and UV come back to the corridor, declaring Tanvi is no place. Raaj comes to Manpreet and gets some information about the matter, and discourages him about beating him. he disallows UV from meddling. Ahna inclinations Manpreet to talk reality. Manpreet acknowledges about requesting that Ahna sit in stage, so that Rishi inspires time to flee with Tanvi. Rishi fled with Tanvi. He desribes about wrapping Tanvi in the rug. Pavan calls it unthinkable, Manpreet reminds about his assistance in holding the overwhelming floor covering. Pavan laments committing a colossal error, he says they should not have gone much far away. UV says they kept running on the Victoria truck. Raaj inquires as to whether he also, doesn’t he know how essential this marriage is for Rishi’s life. Honey bee ji comes to take allegation on herself,/Kasam Online Drama 14 July 2016, Kasam OST Title Song Download Kasam Colors TV Episode 14th July 2016, Katyayni, prophesies that Rishi must marry Tanu, Video watch online HD today latest all new full episodes of Colors TV Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki. Kasam is an Indian hindi drama serial complete episodes, Kasam Episode 94 Colors TV Drama 14 July 2016 Full Episode Youtube, and Tanu is shown to have patiently and faithfully, Kasam In the same attack 14 July 2016./ she asks Raj to do anything even beat her. Rani comes to blame Bee ji. Manpreet tells Rano that one day she would understand this Pavan is so shabby, he was going to educate everybody concerning him and Saloni when Pavan assaults anpreet. Ahna stops Pavan, Bani comes to reprimand Ahna. Honey bee ji goes along withher hands to Pavan and apologizes, she requests that they comprehend they adore each other. Pavan’s folks blame them for lack of regard, they now blame their own particular little girl for fleeing. Pavan calls it as enough, he was resolved to †nd Rishi and Tanvi from anyplace. His dd takes him away. The sanctuary woman was glad about joining Rishi and Tanvi, today their fortunes has been changed for a Kasam that was making in the sanctuary years prior. They have been ade for all lives. Manpreet touches base behind her and asks the sanctuary woman what she has been doing here. The woman increases in value Manpreet and says what he has done has been composed years back. The skies are grinning today, presently this couple will live as one. Rishi strolls towards Tanvi and strokes her face grinning. He covers her with a close-by lying sheet. The globule starts to start, he reviews their †rst meeting, admits himself insane for her. He says he had chosen in the †rst look to dependably cherish her and wed her as it were. Today, they are as one. Tanvi awakens †nally, Rishi calls her name. She was stunned to glance around. Rishi portrays her about abducting her. Tanvi was disturbed, she denounces Rishi to be sel†sh. She was concerned that it’s in light f her that everybody would be embarrassed. Tanvi denounces Rishi to have broken all strings she was attached to, she denounces herself. Rishi calls it his misstep. Tanvi says it’s her oversight to answer to his affection, her family scattered as a result of him. Rishi apologizes, he didn’t know she will be moved to such an extent. Tanvi was disturbed about Raaj’s guarantee, she was bound that everything has finished.