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Pakistan honour killing: Samia Shahid's ex-husband 'confesses' to strangling her with scarf

Pakistan honour killing: Samia Shahid’s ex-husband ‘confesses’ to strangling her with scarf

British woman Samia Shahid and her second husband Syed Mukhtair, who raised the alarm about her murder

Pakistan honour killing

Samia Shahid, a 28-year-old beautician from Bradford, was killed while going by her hereditary relatives in northern Punjab a month ago.

Despite the fact that Ms Shahid’s relatives in Pakistan claim she kicked the bucket of a heart assault, her second spouse says he trusts she was killed in a purported “honor killing” in light of the fact that the family objected to her marriage to him.

Ms Shahid’s ex, Choudhry Shakeel, has been captured on suspicion of homicide. Her dad, Mohammed, has likewise been captured and is blamed for being an accessory.

Both men showed up in shackles and with their countenances secured in a court in the northern city of Jhelum on Saturday, where a judge requested that they be held for four days as charges are assembled against them.

Samia Shahid's ex-husband 'confesses' to strangling her with scarf

On Monday, the BBC reported that Shakeel had issued an admission in which he professedly confessed to choking Ms Shahid with a scarf.

He supposedly said he had requested Ms Shahid to abandon her second spouse and remarry him, however she declined.

A Pakistani police official told the Telegraph they were not regarding his announcement as confirmation, as under Pakistani law verbal admissions can’t be utilized against a litigant as a part of court.

Be that as it may, the news was invited by Ms Shahid’s second spouse, who told The Telegraph he was “extremely fulfilled” with the examination.

“I trust that equity will be done and I will battle for it,” said Syed Mukhtair, who had raised the caution about the suspicious circumstances of his better half’s demise.

“I will battle for equity for my significant other and I need to see each one of the blamed confronting charges in a court for law,” he said.

“In spite of the fact that I had heard that [Shakeel] made an admission before the police, this admission has no worth [under Pakistani law] and the police won’t regard it as proof.”

Samia Shahid's ex-husband 'confesses' to strangling her with scarf

“So it is important that police and agents create some strong proofs in court.”

Abu Bakar Khuda Bakash, the senior Punjab cop accountable for the examination, said: “We are researching the captured blamed and on seventeenth August they will come back to court and soon thereafter we will ask for the court for a more drawn out remand period”.

“It is a confounded case. We are searching for strong proof to deliver in court and for that we are examining on an investigative premise”.

He included: “Confession booth articulations have no worth in the court so we are not searching for a confession booth explanation from the charged or any other person. We are searching for confirmation.”

Not long after Ms Shahid’s passing, a legal examination affirmed that she had been choked, as opposed to her family’s case that she kicked the bucket of a heart assault.

Her case turned out to be prominent in Pakistan after Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, the nation’s inside priest, requested a full examination.

Naz Shah, the British MP for Bradford, has additionally crusaded to reveal the genuine circumstances of Ms Shahid’s demise.

More than 1,000 ladies in Pakistan were casualties of honor killings in 2015, as per a report by the nation’s free Human Rights Commission.

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