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Top officials of govt gas pipeline firm sacked for questioning transparency

Educated sources told Dawn that Chairman Nawabzada Shahzad A. Khan and part Zubair Motiwala were unceremoniously expelled by the service of petroleum from the nine-part leading group of the Interstate Gas Systems (Pvt) Ltd (ISGS) a day after they set on record in motion what they portrayed as the fudging of procedures and choices of the executive gatherings with respect to basic pipeline ventures and spending plans.

The span of the board was diminished through a warning to seven containing authorities of the service and its subordinate organizations.

Whenever inquired as to whether the two noble men were expelled for bringing up issues over straightforwardness and fudging of record of the executive gatherings, Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said: “Not that I know of.”

The ISGS just had an acting executive for the last couple of gatherings as the board was to be reconstituted because of the expiry of the term of a few individuals, he included.

He declined to remark on issues of straightforwardness and record altering, saying the ISGS overseeing chief ought to be reached to look for remarks on the issues.

Mr Khan asserted in a letter sent to the petroleum clergyman after his sacking that the service had “began applying weight on the basic leadership of the directorate… and attempted to oversee and execute essential choices through the overseeing chief without authorisation of the board”.

He said he had composed the letter as a “shriek blower for the general population in charge of issues to (request that they) make suitable move to limit those mindful from looting the state exchequer”.

He said that the structure of $4.7 billion gas pipeline ventures — 850km Gwadar-Nawabshah and 710km Karachi-Lahore — had been composed on remote credits against sovereign insurances. It will mean people in general will pay $20.3bn in the following 20 years however the gas supply will be just 600 million cubic feet for each day — half of the guaranteed 1200mmcfd.

He said that the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline venture introduced in mid 2013 had been racked by the service without learning or assent of the ISGS board. “It was reshaped into Gwadar-Nawabshah venture without a specialized and money related possibility study. The advisor contracted for the Iran-Pakistan undertaking was likewise given works of a condensed common gas terminal and the Gwadar-Nawabshah pipeline without authorisation of the board and infringing upon acquirement rules as highlighted by free legal counselor Khalid Anwar.”

Mr Khan said that the task had been grasped close by in scurry and without legitimate assessment and without offering.

He contended that without Iran-Pakistan venture, there was no support for the Gwadar-Nawabshah pipeline in light of the fact that a much less expensive choice could have been accessible at Karachi. “The entire procedure clearly is by all accounts corrupted”.

He said the North-South pipeline with a capital consumption of $2.2bn guaranteed $526 million yearly charges on a “take or pay” premise and people in general would wind up paying $10.5bn in 20 years.

He said the expense of the gas pipelines kept running into billions of dollars and required due determination, specialized assessment, similar cost examination and aggressive and straightforward procedure of obtainment needs.

He said that he had highlighted a portion of the insufficiencies simultaneously and assembled a conference of the board to talk about them. Be that as it may, rather than redressing the inadequacies, the service moved with mala fide way and without legal power changed the board disregarding the organizations’ law, open part organizations’ principles and the article of relationship of the organization.

Prior, Mr Khan provided details regarding Aug 10 that he had found in the minutes of 100the meeting of the board “certain endorsements… though in real no such endorsement was conceded”.

He said that it was not the primary instance of this kind as the organization secretary had additionally attempted to fashion the minutes of the 99th meeting and demonstrated endorsements that had not been conceded by the board. Same was the situation with the minutes of the 84th executive meeting, he included.

He charged that some ISGS authorities were working in two other government organizations without endorsement of its human asset board or BoD and drawing pay rates and livens from three organizations at the same time. Likewise compensations of “certain staff individuals” were raised anomalous without endorsement from the board while basic presents were kept empty on make avocation for strong installments of Rs2.5bn made to a consultancy firm that has not began basis in this way.

Mobin Saulat, Managing Director of the ISGS, said that messing with the minutes of the executive gatherings was “outlandish” in light of the fact that they were recorded, deciphered and after that circled to all board individuals. The minutes were at long last affirmed by the board executive once all individuals cleared them after adjustments.

He said that the minutes of the 99th and 100th gatherings of the board had not been endorsed yet and included that the board likewise talked about issues on government orders.

He said the reconstitution of the board was expected now and the service had likewise changed sheets of other open area organizations as of late.

Mr Saulat said that he had a relationship with Shahzad Khan in the course of recent years amid which there had been no distinction of supposition between them on Iran-Pakistan and Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipelines or different pipelines and the ventures had accomplished numerous points of reference with the endorsement of the top managerial staff. “Mr Khan did not raise any complaint to the ventures amid the executive gatherings yet maybe he had some political contrasts with the service”, he said.

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