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Nandipur plant produces expensive electricity, PAC told

Water and Power Secretary Younus Dagha told a meeting of the PAC that the double fuel power plant was not productive on oil but rather would give better results on gas.

“The plant is giving variable power creation cost; a month ago it remained at Rs7.25 per unit,” he said, including that the plant was delivering 250MW, yet could produce 425MW if keep running on full limit.

Mr Dagha said a gas pipeline was being laid to make the force plant more effective, including that the plant would be keep running on melted normal gas (LNG) in future. “It is normal that universal costs of LNG will manage and may encourage lessen over a more drawn out period as reliance of creating nations on shale gas is expanding,” he included.

PAC part Shafqat Mahmood brought up that force disseminating organizations (Discos) were going on the expense of power pilferage to purchasers in their bills, which was vile.

Mr Dagha conceded this and said another arrangement of charging — versatile meter perusing — had been presented the nation over which had minimized the episodes of pilferage.

In answer to an inquiry, he said Lesco buyers were requesting a reprieve conspire yet the force service had turned down their solicitation.

PAC administrator Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah said receivables of the force area had achieved Rs365 billion, including expense of power pilferage.

The receivables ought not be added to the charging of those customers who are paying their bills routinely.

Review authorities educated the meeting that according to the review report for 2013-14, Wapda’s receivables against Discos remained at Rs278bn and required their recuperation.

The advisory group likewise inspected the review report of the Ministry of National Health Services, Regula­tions and Coordination for the year 2013-14.

The PAC guided its secretariat to compose a letter to the Ministry of Interior for making proper move against an authority of the Federal Investigation Agency who had shut an instance of the National Council for Homeopathy (NCH).

The NCH acquired a 27-marla office working for Rs56 million on the Airport Link Road, Rawalpindi, in September 2010.

The review authorities brought up that the business sector cost of the building was Rs20m, yet it had been bought for Rs56m, bringing about lost Rs36m to the national exchequer.

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